What Do You See When You Turn Out the Light?

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What Do You See When You Turn Out the Light? is a collaboration between Australian documentary film-maker Chris Eley and Chloé Déchery. For this project, Chris and Chloé sought to create a filmic creative response to the artistic process undertaken by Philippe Quesne, French metteur en scène and director of the Nanterre Amandiers theatre, while working on his new theatre piece, « La Nuit des taupes », which opened in France in November 2016. 

While Chloé and Chris’ project draws on images from the rehearsal process, it develops into a visual and poetic response elaborating on the themes of darkness and creation, chaos and artistic invention. For this, the artists also use a combination of archival images, philosophical and literary texts (Plato, Deleuze, Michaud) and authored writing; proposing an artistic experience that combines elements of performance, performative writing, documentary film and art installation. In doing so, Chris and Chloé intend to capture and convey what an artistic journey can look and feel like when one learns to walk blindly in the dark and, slowly, find their way in the underworld, through the labyrinth of artistic creation.

What Do You See When You Turn Out the Light? was first shown at Nanterre Amandiers in 26 November 2016 and is a co-production between Moustache and Nanterre-Amandiers.

More recently, the film was selected to be screened at the third edition of the Seghal Festival for Film On Theatre and Performance in New York, March 2017.

Watch this space for more updates on dates and practical information about the project which will tour throughout 2017 in different locations.

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A project by Chloé Déchery and Chris Eley.
Produced by Chloé Déchery.
A co-production by association Moustache and Théâtre de Nanterre-Amandiers
Development of the work has been generously supported by “Les amis de l’association Moustache”: Françoise et Bernard Guérini, Florence de Ponthaud, Françoise et François Lemarchand, Martine et Philippe Haspeslagh, Vincent Rouxel et Pascale, Brigitte et Thierry Pascault, Philippe Dhamelincourt, Marie-Françoise et Charles-Henri Flammarion, Patrick Bernard, Pascale et Guy Berruyer, Pascale et Gilles Benoît, Nicole et Bernard Thierrée, Yolande et Pascal Coupin, Catherine et Pierre Delarue, Agnès Perpère, Anne-Marie et Jean-François Bijon Annie Clair et Marie et Bertrand Déchery
Sans Soleil by Chris Marker; Deleuze’s Mille Plateaux; Henri Michaux’s L’Espace du dedans ; Plato’s The Republic ; Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground ; Kafka’s The Burrow ; De Nerval’s Les Filles du feu ; Verne’s Voyage au centre de la terre ; Jean-Pierre Richard’s Poésie et profondeur : Nine Years by Lone Twin ; Void Story by Forced Entertainment


Further information

For further information, including tech requirements and sample press releases, please contact Chloé on chloe@chloedechery.com