Upcoming Dates

After a research residency hosted by Studio-théâtre de Vitry in September 2019, Chloé Déchery and her collaborators (Raphaëlle Doyon, Charlotte Couturier and Deborah Pearson) are currently working towards the development of a new performance project, Première, which revolves around ambition, female authorship and speculative fiction and which encompasses a one-woman play (in dialogue with a plant), a lecture-conference around the use of alter egos by female artists in art history and a film of interviews with senior female artists.

The overall projects is an exploration into ambition, narratives around success and the invention of the self, mixing research into sociology, feminist studies and art history with insights into autobiographical material, documentary interviews and autofiction.

Upcoming residencies include a research residency at the 104 (21-27th of October 2019) and a follow-up residency at Studio-théâtre de Vitry (23rd of March-3rd of April 2020).

The play and the conference will be opening in Spring 2020.