Selected Interviews, Features and Reviews


Diana Damian on  Epic ,  May 2011

Matt Trueman on  Epic ,  May 2011

Epic, The Guardian May 2011

Epic, Exeunt May 2011

Epic, A Younger Theatre May 2011

Epic, What’s on Stage May 2011

A Duet Without You,  Mary Paterson , January 2010


“One isn’t the loneliest number: on the duet-ness of Chloé Dechery’s  A Duet Without You , Karen Christopher, February 2016

An Invitation to Dance, Chloé Déchery’s  A Duet Without You , Mary Paterson, June 2015

“A Duet Without You” , Michael Pinchbeck, April 2013


Interviews and Features

How Does a Duet Translate Into a Solo After a Partner Has Gone? A Conversation With Chloé Déchery”, April 2016

Plan Your Week’s Theatre: Top tickets ” by Lyn Gardner,  The Guardian,  June 2015

Dramaturgy in Dialogue: Chloé Déchery ”, An Interview with Michael Pinchbeck, May 2013

Theatre that takes you on an epic journey ”, A Younger Theatre, May 2011

Five Reasons to See Foster & Déchery’s Epic ”,  What’s On Stage,  April 2011


Critical writing by Chloé Déchery 

Amateurism and the DIY Aesthetic Grand Magasin and Philippe Quesne.

The Creative Industries in Britain.

The Use of Play and Things in Forced Entertainment’s Bloody Mess and The World in Pictures.