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Cachés is an outdoor site-specific performance by Chloé Déchery, devised and performed in collaboration with French dancer and choreographer Olivier Normand. The show combines direct address, poetic writing, pedestrian choreography and a moving musical soundtrack in order to explores notions of centrality and periphery in a tiny village square set in rural France. At the heart of the piece lies the assumption that Caromb old village’ s historical square, la Place du Befroi, is precisely the centre of the world. Around this centre the rest of the world gets re-imagined and re-arranged. 589 kilometres away is Venice’s San Marco Square and another 6241 kilometres further is New York’s Madison Square. A new constellation of the world’s most iconic pubic square is re-organised around the small village’s piazza and slowly new relationships emerge. Chloé Déchery and Olivier Normand, the co-performers of the piece, at time naïve archaeologists and budding detectives, seek to examine and interrogate the politics of the public square. How do we come together? What constitutes a centre? How do we make sense of the moving world around us? What can we rediscover in places that are both too familiar and invisible to us?

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A project by Chloé Déchery, in collaboration with Olivier Normand.
Stage Manager: Christophe Doucet (7ème sens)
Commissioned and produced by ÉCLATS 2013.
Gregory and Cyril Chapuisat; Roman Ondak’s Measuring the Universe; Richard Long’ A Line Made by Walking; Erwin Wurm’s One Minute Sculptures.


The show takes place on La Place du Befroi and uses the characteristic elements of the site (the pebbles on the ground, the 13th century’s bell tower, the hackberry in the middle of the square) to draw an environmental scenography.


Further information

For further information, you can visit the page from the ÉCLATS festival dedicated to the project:


For other information, including tech requirements and sample press releases, please contact Chloé on chloe@chloedechery.com