Marie (2008-2009)

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Solo performance devised in collaboration with Elyssa Livergant

A solo piece about a daughter and a mother, investigating what it means to have the same blood (and feet).

“Using my own body as a map, alongside various everyday objects, I’ll reveal a family history that unravels through generations – a complicated process of transmission, involving much joy, humour, truth, secrets and lies.

Shameful anecdotes, family mannerisms, annoying habits, genetic flaws: everything will be explored, laid out and shared with the audience on a breakfast table.”

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Text and performance by Chloé Déchery, in collaboration with Elyssa Livergant
The piece was first shown as a work-in-progress at Oval House, London, July 2009, and then at Forest Fringe in Edinburgh in August and the Corn Exchange in Newbury in October 2009.
This piece has been developed through a DIY5 workshop led by Curious and through Balloon, a peer-support and artist-led group facilitated group facilitated by Artsadmin and Oval House.
Current running time: 20 minutes (prologue) + 40 minutes (second and main part)



I think Chloé’s work is quite unique. It manages to combine real charm and accessibility with depth and serious enquiry. I personally feel that humour is very important and look for it in new work. Chloé’s work has this in spades – real wit, humour and warmth – qualities that are often lacking in serious new work. As a promoter wanting to find ways of reaching audiences that is a gift.
Nick Giles, Artistic director from the Corn Exchange, Newbury.

I really enjoyed your piece, it was both tender and engaging – you have a really lovely relationship with the audience.
Ed Collier, producer and co-director of China Plate

The piece, mixing storytelling with strong images and a sharp gestural choreography, operates effectively on several levels – cleverly crafted yet simple, engaging and humorous. I think Chloé Déchery is a naturally warm communicator, with a good eye for the absurd as well as the intellectually intriguing.

Nikki Tomlinson, Artsadmin’s artists’ advisor and producer

The show is ready to tour.